Actiw Solutions – Payback Calculations

Business value is the basis for any investment. At Actiw, we take our value creation capability very seriously. We are here to push the limits of logistics efficiency and make lasting, positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

Here is an overview of some of the tangible business results Actiw has been able to provide to its clients:

Industry Revenue category Solution overview Realized benefits
FMCG 1-5 bn € Automation of production warehouse and sequencing of truck loads. Delivered during on-going operations. Handling capacity +100 %
Storing capacity +145 %
Operating cost -47 %
Payback time 2 ½ years
FMCG 10+ bn € Production warehouse capable of buffering, sorting and staging loads. Delivered during on-going operations. Handling capacity +80 %
Storing capacity +120 %
Payback time < 3 years
Petro- chemical 1-5 bn € Fully automated loading integrated to the production line. Operating cost -86 %
Payback time < 1 year


When improving logistics, value can be extracted from a multitude of categories. We help our clients to estimate the potential of their investment and support them all the way in realizing those benefits.

After the business case is validated, one should not wait any longer. The sooner the decision to move to automation can be made, the higher the benefits. The opportunity cost between incremental improvement and automation grow larger the longer the investment is postponed. In the end, this affects the total NPV (Net Present Value) of the investment and the company’s performance in total.

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We are happy to assist you in determining what potential payback awaits you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.