Actiw Storage – High Density Dynamic Storage


We bring the undisputable benefits of automation to environments where automation has been considered impossible. Actiw’s modularity and flexibility allow installation of state-of-the-art AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) systems into tricky spaces, also during ongoing operations. Actiw is your choice, if you wish to take everything out of your existing space.

This is not possible with a same-size-fits-all approach. We succeed, because by working together with our customers, we develop and solve the challenges together. This way, we are able to deliver high-quality solutions to very complex environments.

Actiw HD/DS (High Density and Dynamic Storage) system works like a large 3D sliding puzzle with dense storage at every position in its height, width and depth. In the most typical setting, the system is used for handling pallets, but it can easily be applied for other loads as well, e.g. paper rolls or steel products.

Actiw is a sustainable choice: Actiw can utilize existing space efficiently, requiring less building space. From a total-cost-of-ownership point-of-view, Actiw induces savings throughout its lifetime.

What Actiw Storage offers to you?

  • Automated warehouse with ultra-high density and highest-in-the-market throughput
  • Perfect choice for:
    – Low (<20 m) installations
    Multistory buildings
    – Irregular floor space and building height
  • High system redundancy
  • Inherent sequencing and staging capability
  • Inbound and outbound interfaces in the entire periphery; multilevel, all sides, above and underneath
  • Lightweight structures enabling installation on existing, conventional floor space
  • Delivery and expansion in the middle of ongoing operations
  • Adaptation to future needs by easy reconfiguration
  • Low total cost of ownership