Actiw Sequencer – Automated Load Sortation


Manual load preparation and consolidation on the loading docks is a major waste of resources in many of today’s warehouses. Imagine a situation where pallets from the warehouse, production, picking or any other source arrive automatically at the loading docks according to the loading plan in exactly the right sequence at exactly the right time. No more forklift driving extravaganza, delayed trucks, incomplete orders and product damages.

Actiw Sequencer offers simple, safe, accurate and efficient loading of the trucks. The Actiw Sequencer can be a part of a wider Actiw solution, but it works perfectly well as a stand-alone system or as an extension to any existing automated warehouse system.

The Actiw Sequencer utilizes the same proven technology and inherent features as the Actiw Storage system. In simplicity, the Actiw Sequencer’s sole purpose is to handle a variety of incoming material streams and organize the loads within the system. It then supplies loading docks, even on floor level for low-lift pallet truck operation, or feeds an automated loading system, with the right goods always at the right time and in the right sequence. All this with incredible speed.

What Actiw Sequencer offers to you?

  • Fully automated sequencing of truck loads
  • Ultra-high density and throughput, speeding up truck loading and minimizing the space needed at the loading docks
  • Compatibility with any outbound material flows from a multitude of sources
  • Takes off pressure from other parts of the intralogistics chain, improving overall efficiency and handling capacity of the entire site