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Video – Actiw LoadMatic automatic truck loading and container loading solution directly integrated to production in petrochemical industry

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What is Actiw LoadMatic?

Actiw LoadMatic is an automatic truck/trailer loading and container loading solution for palletized or palletless goods. LoadMatic makes truck and container loading as easy as it should be.

Actiw LoadMatic is designed for automated loading of regular, non-modified containers and trailers. It is the last link in the end-to-end solution for fully automating pallet handling in warehouse and production lines. LoadMatic can be seamlessly integrated to any production, warehouse or sequencing system. Latest development work now allows loading of palletless goods such as petrochemical, fertilizer, and cement products in bags with or without slipsheets.

LoadMatic is the most efficient solution for automated loading of palletized
and palletless goods on the market.

Automatic truck loading and container loading solution Actiw LoadMatic

Automatic truck loading and container loading solution Actiw LoadMatic

Learn about Actiw’s container loading solution especially designed for loading complex cargo – Actiw LoadPlate at

What LoadMatic offers to you?

  • Fully automated truck loading, seamlessly integrated to any complementary systems
  • One shot loading, reducing docking time to a matter of minutes
  • Less manual work and equipment needed
  • No product damage due to gentle loading, both for cargo and cargo space
  • No alterations needed to trailers and containers
  • No special equipment required at the receiving end

How automatic truck loading works by LoadMatic ?

In short, the LoadMatic is a plate which sequenced pallets are rolled onto. When a full truck load is ready, the LoadMatic simply loads the cargo into the truck or container in one push. No alterations to the cargo space or substructures beneath the cargo are required.

Take a look at basic LoadMatic Animation here.

The LoadMatic operation consists of three steps:

Load forming – the equipment arranges incoming pallets typically one row at a time. After this, the pallets are gently pushed onto the roller bed which is
covered by rollers. Depalletizing is done at this phase if required.

Alignment – LoadMatic stands on legs. Both ends are automatically adjustable, enabling automatic and accurate alignment with the loading space.

Loading – the roller bed with pallets/units is pushed into a container or trailer. The stopper gate is lowered to keep the pallets inside while the roller bed is
pulled out. The loading process is complete and the doors can be closed.

How can I cut costs by automatic truck loading?

Actiw Oy has proven results in decreased operational costs due to improved efficiency and safety in automatic truck and container loading.

Automated truck loading has the largest potential for cutting costs in intralogistics operations in various industries. Its adoption is however marginal. Why? Before, loading automation has demanded heavy investments both at the sending and receiving ends and has required alterations to the cargo space or special structures beneath the cargo. This has made automated truck loading suitable for internal logistics, at most. Not anymore!

In general, truck loading automation is gaining benefits both in capital and operational expenditures. In capex expenses automation will generate savings by lower investment in facilities, with less loading docks, but investment in equipment is slightly higher than in forklifts.

Real benefits will be created in operations. Operational benefits
come from labor, dock time, energy, maintenance, product
damages and safety. Of course they vary a lot depending on the
industry and its operations but these features are present in one
way or another.

Savings by automatic truck loading and container loading

Savings by automatic truck loading and container loading


See  payback figures offered by Actiw’s automatic truck loading solutions here.

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How can I get my LoadMatic?

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Actiw LoadPlates and LoadMatics have loaded more than a million loads and millions of pallets. It is a proven system working around the world, around the clock.