We offer an end-to-end concept for your intralogistics needs!

Actiw Storage Actiw Sequencer Actiw LoadMatic

We are excited about our unique technology that challenges the status-quo in automated pallet handling. We can automate tricky spaces that no-one else can. We can offer unprecedented performance in means of density and flow. We make automated loading as simple as it should be. All this seamlessly integrated or in parts, fully compatible with any other systems you might have.
Actiw solution comprises three different functionalities that can be introduced separately or as a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution:

Storing: Actiw Storage

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Highest and most flexible space utilization with extraordinary high throughput rate

Actiw Storage features fit especially well to the high performance needs of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and Petrochemical industries. Read more about our industry references here.

Sequencing: Actiw Sequencer

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Extremely efficient and flexible system for preparing truck loads in the right sequence at the right time

Loading: Actiw LoadMatic

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Seamlessly integrated system for automated loading of palletized and palletless goods without any alterations to the standard cargo space