Actiw Solutions delivered to the paper industry

Actiw is a perfect fit for the paper industry, whether the goods are pallets or rolls, requiring high throughput and storing capacity. For finished goods and intermediate warehouses, as well as distributor centers, with internal sequencing and staging.

Examples of Actiw applications delivered to the paper industry:



Antalis is the world leading distributor of paper, packaging solutions and visual communication products for professionals. The Actiw storage and order picking system at the Antalis site in Helsinki, Finland, was delivered in an existing warehouse in 1991, in a few phases during customer’s on-going operations. The customer is pleased with the Actiw system’s reliability, and their intention is to run it for another several years, due to system’s low maintenance and operating costs.,

Metsä Board

Metsä Board is Europe’s leading producer of fresh forest fibre cartonboards, the world’s leading manufacturer of coated white-top kraftliners, and a major paper supplier. The Actiw intermediate storage and dispatch system for paper rolls and pallets at Metsä Board’s production unit in Äänekoski, Finland, was delivered as a phased installation during on-going operations, meeting severe architectural and scheduling constraints. The system’s extensive flexibility has been utilized for several upgrades ordered by the customer, to accommodate their changing operational needs.

Jeonju Paper Corporation

Jeonju Paper Corporation is Asia’s leading newsprint manufacturer, and their Jeonju Mill is the world’s third largest newsprint paper mill in the world. The automated Actiw paper roll warehouse at the Jenjo Mill is constructed as a rack-supported building, and it houses more than 18 000 m of storage lanes. The Actiw application is used for storing paper rolls of varying dimensions and width in horizontal position, without internal system pallets. Actiw’s dense storage approach of rolls stored back-to-back allows maximum space utilization. The Actiw system has been in operation in Chonju close to 20 years, proving the system’s durability.

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a global paper, packaging and forest products company.  The Fors Mill facility in Sweden is one of the world’s largest and most modern producers of carton board for consumer packaging and printing purposes. The automated work-in-process Actiw storage system at the Fors Mill is used for automated storing of paper rolls, acting as a buffer warehouse between production and finishing. The Actiw system handles the receiving process flow from 2 cardboard machines and releases rolls to sheeters and packing areas for processing. The system manages 3700 m of storage lanes for a variety of roll sizes from max diameter of 2100 mm to max width of 2 600 mm and weighing up to 5,5 tons. Due to the customer’s lack of space, the storage was built as a 31,5 m high tower with 12 storage levels, proving Actiw’s functionality also in high buildings.
Check the Stora Enso Case Study.