Actiw Solutions delivered to the consumer goods industry

Actiw is a perfect fit everywhere where the goods are on pallets, requiring high throughput and storing capacity. For finished goods and intermediate warehouses, as well as distributor centers, with internal sequencing and staging.

Examples of Actiw applications delivered to the consumer goods industry:



A 3000 pallet position automatic Actiw Storage at Heinz in the Netherlands has been up and running successfully since 2014 reaching the targets set by the customer. Actiw Storage at Heinz is based on new modular design. 

Coca-Cola Enterprises Norge AS

Coca-Cola Enterprises is the third largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world. The company’s facility in Norway operates both as a production warehouse and as a direct-store-delivery distribution center, with a dual module ACTIW System, unique dynamic storage technology that buffers, sorts and stages palletized loads in exact sequence. 17 000+ pallet positions. Check the Coca-Cola Case Study.

D.E Master Blenders

D.E Master Blenders is one of the largest coffee and tea companies in the world. Their factory in Utrecht, the Netherlands, previously had a manually operated loading buffer, shipping to a single destination. It was replaced by the Actiw system into a fully automated buffering, sorting and dispatching system with tripled capacity, enabling shipments to multiple direct destinations.

Danone Unimilk in Russia, Dairy plant PETMOL

Danone’s dairy plant Unimilk in St. Petersburg, Russia, has an automated Actiw cold storage system for the handling of their various dairy products. The nature of the dairy goods dictates that there are two areas integrated within the same hub, one operating at +4° C and one at +20° C. Both areas are run as a single system. The automated Actiw solution was chosen to meet the customer’s hygiene, safety and throughput needs in their existing facility.

Procter & Gamble, Lima Distribution Center

The Procter & Gamble Company is an American multinational consumer goods company that operates 136 production facilities in 42 countries and close to 300 distribution centers around the world. P&G’s distribution center in Lima, OH, operates the largest Activ/Actiw system in North America. It acts as a storage buffer for the manufactured product. Full pallet unit loads are buffered and they continually flow through to staging lanes at the dock end of the system. The system runs continuously 24/7, managing 109 000 pallet positions in one warehouse.
P&G has several other Activ/Actiw systems in other sites as well.

Ningbo Cigarette Factory

The Chinese, state owned, tobacco company Ningbo Cigarette Factory faced a serious space problem as well as a need for higher output at their plant. The challenge for full automation and extra pallet locations in the existing facility was not easy, because the storage passed between two floors, with an in/out passage to the third floor. The fully automated Actiw storage solution supremely utilized the tight multi-floor space available, with increased efficiency.

Heineken Switzerland

Heineken Switzerland is number 2 in the Swiss beer and beverage market, with 900 employees, two breweries, 6 beer brands of their own (70 % of the sold volumes), over 5 000 products and 21 logistics sites in Switzerland. Their distribution center in Chur was a new build facility designed to include maximum storage in a limited footprint. To accommodate the footprint, activities such as dedicated transport, railway and route truck loading/unloading as well as picking and pick replenishment were designed to take place at ground level, with the ACTIW storage and staging above and below. The modularity of the ACTIW system provided for a minimum loss of floor space while still achieving the desired storage capacity.

bofrost* Dienstleistungs GmbH

bofrost* is a European market leader in direct sales of frozen food, offering a selection of more than 1 000 national and international frozen food specialities, with around 10 000 employees in Europe. The automated Actiw system in bofrost’s Food cold storage and distribution facility in Straelen, Germany, operates 16/24. It is divided into three storage areas – a full pallet cold store (VP), an order picking store (AP), and an order picked/mixed pallet store (MP). All three storage areas are kept at constant – 28 ⁰C and the receiving area at 0-5 ⁰C. The order picking area of about 1 100 m2 is located in the AP area above the MP store. This case is another proof of the ACTIW system’s modularity providing for maximum storage capacity with minimal floor space utilization.