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Save 2-8 % of product cost by automating truck and container loading

Actiw, a Finnish high-tech company specialized in intralogistics automation, is presenting their automated truck and container loading systems at MODEX 2014 in Atlanta, March 17-20.

Logistics operations gained increased attention across industries which were seeking sources of operational excellence and competitive edge. Today, logistics costs in certain product categories have grown to be over 50 % of total costs. The total benefits of loading automation add up to 2-8 % savings on delivered costs.

Truck and container loading automation, for instance, cuts personnel and machinery costs and reduces truck fleet size both for drop lot and short haul delivery operations with multiple daily runs by dramatically reducing turn-around times. In addition, automation of the loading process brings cost savings in other areas, e.g. product damage, health & safety and order accuracy.

When delivering special cargo, such as machinery or long goods such as steel and lumber products, Actiw LoadPlate provides the ability to use standard dry containers, instead of more expensive and scarce special containers (e.g. open-top containers or flat racks) cuts per container cost as well as added personnel and equipment needed to support loading.

Actiw LoadMatic is a new fully automated loading solution for palletized goods with the same simple loading abilities as LoadPlate. Pallets are automatically sequenced and transferred to LoadMatic and it simply loads the pallets into the truck or container in one push. LoadMatic can be seamlessly integrated to any automated production or warehouse systems.

LoadMatic’s unique characteristics make it different from other loading solutions. It requires no alterations to containers or trailers, or special equipment at the receiving end. Unique sensing and positioning designs assure safe and accurate loading every time. The loading cycle is short, less than 5 minutes. The system has already proven its functionality and reliability with more than 100,000 loads completed in the United Arab Emirates.

New LoadPlates bring safer loading and unloading handling at Sandvik Materials Technology

Actiw Oy has supplied four LoadPlate container loading systems to Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT), Sweden. One LoadPlate has been in operation in Sandviken since 2007, and four more have been installed in SMT’s warehouses around the world.

Sandvik Materials Technology’s global project leader Stefan Lindberg, together with his colleagues, is responsible for the implementation of a new type of automated loading and unloading stations in the company’s warehouses, called LoadPlate. With a large number of transported sea containers annually it was important to find a standard solution, which would work for their all warehouses. The project was named LoadPlate Global Container Solution and the purpose is to make SMT warehouses loading and unloading handling safer and more effective.

Current situation

Today a lot of the containers used are so called OT (open top containers). This causes a problem since the cost for OT is quite high, SMT cannot handle all loading in house and the flexibility and availability of these types of containers are poor. The situation creates a major risk for delays and increased costs for SMT.

The solution

By having LoadPlate stations SMT is able to load and unload standard containers in a much safer and efficient way than today. With all new LoadPlates, SMT will be able to change from OTs and use standard containers to a much greater extent.

Stefan Lindberg, Logistics, states; “By the implementation of LoadPlate stations for loading and unloading sea containers in China, India, USA and the Czech Republic we will reach our objectives to a safer container loading process for our employees. This together with a reduction in freight cost, claims and minimizing our dependencies of special equipment for sea shipments is an important investment for SMT and will make us more competitive.”

Actiw Oy’s CEO Reijo Viinonen says “Long and close cooperation with SMT and their feedback has helped us to develop product features that really match their needs. It has been pleasure to work with a demanding and professional team”. He continues: “A lot has been done to improve storing and dispatching operations but container and truck loading are still done by traditional way. Actiw has developed technology that enables automation of loading into regular, unmodified containers and trucks. This provides more efficient loading operations with minimized handling damage and safer loading processes.”

Actiw Oy – The logistics company of the year in Finland

The title of the Logistics Company of the year in Finland was awarded to Actiw Oy. The annual award was announced in May at the Logistics – Transport 2012 exhibition in Helsinki. Actiw Oy plans and sells automated storing, loadforming and loading systems for the international market.

The title of the Logistics Company of the year in Finland is awarded either on the basis of high-level, versatile and consistent development of logistics, or, on a concrete logistics development project and/or research which supports operational and economical profitability and generates new ideas and innovations.

Actiw Oy is a Finland based supplier of intelligent and sustainable automated warehouse and loading solutions that has been executing automated material handling projects since mid of 1980’s. Actiw Oy has strongly invested in the development of automated storing, loadforming and loading systems of their own design for the international market.

The Logistics Company of the year is selected by Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY) in cooperation with their forums.

Actiw Oy’s Managing Director Reijo Viinonen comments that the award was a pleasant surprise, and continues: “It indicates that the development work we’ve done during the few years of our operation as an independent company has been the right choice, leading to success both in the domestic and international markets.”