Actiw’s story


Naaraharju Oy founded

Rapidly increasing expertise in material handling and logistics technologies
  • Steel construction deliveries to Russia, Europe and Middle-East
  • Industrial and public buildings
  • Power plant constructions
  • Special structures


Decision to develop our own storage system - instead of using stacker technology

Solution development in cooperation with customers
  • First pilot with Karl Fazer Ltd
  • Kamenogorsk tissue paper warehouse in Russia
  • Gebr. Knauer Gmbh in Germany, still operational and running
  • Patent for ACTIW storage


PMK Tekniikka acquires part of Naaraharju Oy in 1995

Automating numerous warehouses globally
  • Partners in Europe, Asia and the U.S.
  • High diversity of warehouses: everything from paint cans to coins and dairy product
  • Project delivery to P&G for the first time


Decision to include loading automation in our offering

Actiw Oy founded for focusing in automated intralogistics solutions
  • Actiw System project deliveries to the Philippines and China
  • Patent for LoadPlate
  • First LoadPlates exported to Sweden and Austria (Stora Enso)
  • Decision to focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)


Automated pallet loading launched

Actiw nominated as the logistics company of the year (LOGY)
  • Further investment in R&D
  • Major project delivery to Coca-Cola Norway
  • First LoadMatic project to UAE
  • Patent for LoadMatic


The first ACTIW automated warehouse (AS/RS) was installed in the mid 80’s. Over the next decade a further 25 major warehouse systems were supplied around the globe. In many instances it became obvious that even if the production and storage operations were fully automated, many of the advantages gained were then lost due to the traditional manual operations employed in the dispatch area. We studied the offering and found that all existing loading solutions in the market were based on a modifed cargo space and had demanding application requirements resulting in increased investment and restricted trailer feet availability.

Due to these limitations we decided to develop a loading solution for regular
unmodi ed containers, trucks and trailers that was completely independent of load space. The first ACTIW LoadPlate was delivered in 2001. Today, over one hundred ACTIW loading units are in use in different industries around the world with over one million loading cycles completed.

With the loading technology fully proven with LoadPlate we then developed a fully automated, ‘forklift free’ pallet loading solution able to take output direct from production or from automated storage systems and load automatically into unmodified, regular trucks, trailers and shipping containers. The first fully automated ACTIW LoadMatic units for loading pallets from production were delivered in 2012.