Actiw – revolutionary warehouse automation and loading solutions 

Actiw Oy is a Finland based manufacturer and turnkey integrator,
specialized in intelligent and sustainable automated warehouse and loading solutions. Actiw has a solid track record with dozens of successful installations and pleased clients; Actiw’s automated material handling projects have been executed since the mid-1980’s. The company has invested strongly in developing their
own, unique automated storing, sequencing and loading systems
for the international market.

Actiw Oy solutions deliveries across the world

Actiw challenges the status quo in intralogistics automation.

We have three decades of experience in delivering successful automation solutions, on time, around the globe. For us, coming from Finland equals extraordinary engineering capability, trustworthiness and high quality. Every morning we get to work enthusiastic to help our customers push the limits in logistics efficiency.

At Actiw, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation, with a long-term approach.

Our solutions have advanced greatly through the years, but the initial innovations that made us successful are still valid. Proof of this is that the first Actiw installations from the mid-80s are still operational and fully supported today. We are here for you, for the long-haul.